Statement of Purpose

SER2L provides comprehensive environmental field sampling and state-of-the-art analytical facilities for research purposes, including the academic, public and private sectors. We offer high quality field and analytical capabilities which are not typically available through commercial analytical laboratories. We specialize in the sampling and comprehensive characterization of suspended particulates and sediments.


- Determination of a range of particle-reactive radionuclides (234-Th, 7-Be, 239,240-Pu, 137-Cs, 210-Pb and others); elemental analysis (C, H, N), and particle size characterization (2 um to 256 mm plus).

- Sedimentary accumulation, sequestration, and/or bioaccumulation of potentially toxic elements and compounds.

- Sediment-water exchange processes.

- Sediment transport and erosion processes.

- Geochronology of sediments, soils, and other deposits.

Instrumentation and Equipment

SER2L maintains state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and comprehensive environmental field sampling equipment.

(5) Canberra gamma spectrometers, HPGe well detectors and MCA, models 747 and DSA‐1000

(2) Canberra 12 detector integrated alpha spectrometers

Malvern Mastersizer (S2000) laser‐optical particle size characterization system

Olympus SZX16 Research High-Class Stereo Microscope with an Olympus DP26 5 megapixel camera

Allegra® X-14 Series Benchtop Centrifuge

Retsch Mortar Grinder

Price Schedule and Results

Field sampling or per sample analytical costs are determined by project, considering scale of work, turn around time, and format of results. SER2L specializes in high quality analytical and field work. Typical turn around time for analytical services is ~30-45 days, arrangements can be made for faster service, and a surcharge will be applied. Standard, research-grade QA/QC protocols are maintained for all sampling and analytical analyses.

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